Businesses with multiple sites or locations often consider their energy bills as a major overhead for their businesses. Energy is often the second or third highest expense of a business. That is why finding the best energy contract is so important. Frankly, though, most of these businesses, especially small or medium businesses (SMEs), don’t have the time or resources to adequately investigate the ins and outs of good business energy supply. Finding the best energy contract takes time; finding the best energy contract saves you money. This is where energy brokers come in handy. 

Energy brokers work alongside your business and business energy suppliers. They are able to help all businesses navigate through the ever-changing industry and find the most suitable energy deal. Because of their connection and insights in the energy industry, energy brokers will save your business time when searching for and acquiring a business energy contract and, importantly, save you money because they would have found for you a contract that best suits your business. 

How is it that you save time and money when working with an energy broker? First, an energy broker helps you learn about your business energy profile and get a thorough overview of the industry when it comes to finding the best energy prices. You receive advice and feedback throughout the duration of your contract. You’ll also be made aware of industry specific best practices, allowing you to make energy and cost-efficient savings.

Even if you already have an energy contract, it is a time-consuming process to stay on top of the administrative work around it and to keep the contract end date in mind (rollover contracts are often very expensive). Energy brokers make it a priority to do this time-consuming work for you. Part of their job is to know when your contract is ending and to protect you from costly rollover contracts. A good energy broker will provide you with options for your renewal ahead of time.

Finally, energy brokers save you money on your energy bills. Energy brokers work with a wide range of suppliers, giving them access to favourable prices on unit rates and standing charges. Their connections in the business energy industry will help you get cheaper energy deals than if you secured a deal independently..

Time and money are valuable assets for a company (most consider the former to be more valuable than the latter). So whether you’re a start-up or an established company, it pays to partner with an energy broker when you are in need of a business energy contract that is best suited for your needs.

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