12 of the Highest Paying Finance Jobs

Those with strong mathematical, analytical, and decision-making skills can enjoy a fruitful and lucrative career. There are a range of high-paying jobs in the corporate and investment worlds, as well as fintech, accounting, and lending. 

In this article, we will run through the 12 highest paying finance jobs for you to pursue. The list will end with the highest-paying job.  

Investment banker

With a national average yearly salary of $62,000 USD, investment bankers are responsible for managing the portfolios of businesses and government agencies who invest in other businesses. The goal of an investment banker is to help their clients raise and invest capital so that it helps them achieve their financial goals. 

Information technology auditor

This is a job usually found in government agencies or private companies. The role of an IT auditor is to make sure that the technological infrastructure jives with their own and other entities’ compliance requirements. Conducting these kinds of audits — which often requires certification — nets an IT auditor just over $63,000 USD per year. 

Compliance analyst

Businesses must make sure that their financial practices comply with the standards established by various government agencies. This is very important in the finance industry since long-term economic stability and financial growth is dependent on good standards. A compliance analyst is a financial professional who makes sure a company is in line with these standards. They review data, processes and financial infrastructures for the company. Compliance analysts earn, on the US national average, $64,000 USD per year.

Financial advisor

Earning $67,000 USD per year, financial advisors help clients identify short- and long-term financial goals and help lead them towards those goals. They work like a personal training: making sure their clients stick to their financial plans. 

Insurance advisor

Insurance advisors help clients with their short- and long-term insurance needs. They know insurance products very well, knowing their advantages and risks. Insurance advisors earn just over $67,000 USD per year. 

Financial analyst

Financial analysts earn $69,500 USD per year on average. Usually working in banks, funds, or insurance companies, financial analysts gather financial data to help business stakeholders make the most informed and vetted decisions about company finances. 

Senior accountant

Sitting at the top of the accounting hierarchy, senior accountants handle the daily accounting needs of a company. They keep companies on schedule with their budgets and accounting goals, and they oversee corporate expenditures. Senior accountants’ national average salary is $72,500 per year.

Hedge fund manager

Hedge fund managers earn just under 100k per year ($98,500 USD) and perform similar duties to investment bankers. However, they work with higher risk and reward portfolios, as these belong to investors who lump their capital together to make investments in hedge funds. A sharp eye and mind towards the market is an important skill for hedge fund managers, as they must inform investors when is the right time to enter or leave a fund. 

Financial software developer

Developers in most industries or sectors are highly compensated workers, and the same is true for those who develop financial technology, or fintech. They earn $106,000 USD yearly on average.

Private equity associate

Private equity associates connect with investors to gain private equity. Then, apply to business investments that diversify the investors’ portfolios. They earn a yearly average of $108,000 USD.

Chief financial officer

Chief financial officers (CFOs) oversee financial analysts and the budgets of the company. They make important decisions on technology infrastructure while managing other financial teams. Their yearly average salaries are $128,000 USD.

Chief compliance officer

The responsibility of all compliance standards for a company being met rests with the chief compliance officer (CCO). They deal with policy management and compliance monitoring in an effort to ensure the company operates efficiently and, importantly, avoids non-compliance fees. Their salaries for the year, on average, are $128,500 USD. 

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