A career in the financial field is profitable and fruitful. There are many fields and particular jobs in which you can flourish personally, professionally, and, yes, financially. Jobs in finance are secure as long as the companies and individuals have the thing that makes the world go round: money. 

In this post, we cover the major career paths and some specific jobs in the world of financing. We discuss the educational requirements and the key skills you would need to enjoy a great career in this field. 

The average salaries listed in this post for each career are sourced from Indeed.com.


When you think of finances, you often think of banks and banking. Jobs at a bank are often good entry points into the wider world of financing. Roles in a bank range from bank teller, to branch manager, loan office, or marketing director. The average salary as a banker, for example, is $40,000 USD.

Work at most commercial banks would include a wide range of financial services such as taking care of checking and savings accounts for customers, managing loans, and helping customers with their individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

What certifications and skills would you need for a job at a bank? Apart from having a bachelor’s degree, most banks desire for their employees to have interpersonal communication, customer services, and administrative skills. Of course, having a bachelor’s degree in a related field is nice to have, but you can land a role at a bank with degrees in other disciplines. What is most important is that you possess the necessary skills and attitude towards the various roles in a bank. 

Should you excel at your job at a local branch, you will soon find yourself on track towards higher positions in the corporate space. 


The financial health of a company or an individual is often thanks to the careful and precise work of an accountant. Accountants can work in a variety of organisations. They can work in an accounting firm, independently, or for corporations. In corporate accounting, the person would handle several different financial processes to ensure that the organisation and its finances are in order and on track for growth in the future. A role as a private accountant means they work closely with individuals to make sure they are managing their money wisely and according to the law. 

Launching into a career as an accountant often starts with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business. To excel in this role, one would need sharp skills in finance management, decision-making, and business communication. 

On average, accountants earn $54,500 per year. 

Corporate financing

A job in corporate financing means you work for a particular company or organisation and handle their finances. A role as a financial analyst, for example, requires you to assess the company’s spending, adjust budgets, and create a strategic financial plan for a company. A job such as this would earn you an average of $68,5000 USD per year. 

Other duties found in corporate financing include projecting future profits and possible losses, writing financial reports, and reviewing documents for a company. 

With a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or management in hand, for you to be successful in the role of financial analyst and an asset to the company, it helps to know the corporate functions of the company. Understanding the sector in which the company operates will give you valuable insights that behove your handling of the company’s finances. Additional skills that will be helpful are great organisational, communication, and technical skills. 

Financial planning and advising

Financial planning and advising is a lot like corporate financing, but in this case you would be meeting individual clients and helping them manage their personal finances. One of the central duties of a financial advisor is to create a functional plan for the client, either for their personal wealth or their own business. 

Expertise in financial law, investing practices, or insurance policies are crucial if you want to be a trustworthy and noteworthy name in this industry. It is important that the short- and long-term financial goals, budgets, and advice on investments that you impart on your clients are sound. A foundation in business or finances via a college degree is good to have in addition to excellent communication and management skills and attention to detail.  

As a financial advisor, you can earn around $66,000 USD per year. 


Investment professionals work as matchmakers between individuals or companies and investors. They facilitate partnerships between the two entities in the hopes that the pairing will result in success for both parties. Many individuals and companies choose to invest their funds according to the advice given from an investment firm. 

Most investment professionals have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or economics. A license in the practice of investment advising is required as well. A keen entrepreneurial eye is great to have, too. Important skills for investment professionals include communication, negotiation and critical-thinking.

Investment managers earn nearly $81,000 USD per year. 


There are many ways by which you can obtain a stable and well-compensated career in the insurance world. Roles in insurance range from salesperson, agent, customer service, or actuary. 

Duties of an insurance agent include speaking directly to clients, supplying personalized policy quotes, analyzing risks, answering client questions, and troubleshooting issues. Pitching insurance policies to potential customers is something else you could be doing as an insurance agent.

There are plenty of aspects of life that we insure: life, health, or homes or automobiles, and more. This gives you several niche areas in which to thrive as an insurance agent. You will want to have a degree in finance, business, or administration as a starting point, and a curated set of customer service, management, communication, and interpersonal skills helps you go a long way in this role.

Pay in this field is great. Insurance agents can earn a whopping $206,000 USD per year.

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